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Friday, September 25, 2009

Tippy Toes Boutique is a Pettiskirt Manufacture and retail Children's Boutique website owned and operated by a work from home mother of two.


(Free-Press-Release.com) September 25, 2009 -- Tippy Toes Boutique is an online Pettiskirt and Ruffle top Children's Boutique . Every Pettiskirt and ruffle top on their website is designed and hand crafted by Alicia Thibodeau, a work at home, dedicated wife and mother of two. What started as a hobby and a love of sewing into an International Pettiskirt business. That's right! Every Pettiskirt that is shipped in handmade to order. While Tippy Toes Boutique offers a fantastic Wholesale Pettiskirt and Drop Ship Pettiskirt Partnership they are dedicated to their retail customers, paying attention to every detail to ensure the highest quality Pettiskirt craftsmanship.

So why are other e-boutiques abandoning their Pettiskirt Suppliers and switching to Tippy Toes Boutique Pettiskirts? The answer is simple. TTB Pettiskirts are simply the best quality Pettiskirts on the market. All TTB Pettiskirt orders (under 20 items) carry a 3 week ship by guarantee! In my research I have noticed that other websites offering pettiskirts are asking their customers to wait 7,8 or even 14 weeks before they receive their orders. Causing those online stores to loose customers and ultimately money.

About TTB Pettiskirts:

Tippy Toes Boutique Pettiskirts and ruffle tops are all made to order. Each Pettiskirt is made with the highest quality nylon Chiffon, Satin and Lace trimmed with adorable chiffon ruffle puff. If you need any customization ie. color of fabric changed or need a custom size, just let them know and they'll do it with no extra charge. As a matter of fact, Tippy Toes Boutique offers a Design-your-Own Pettiskirt page where you, the customer can actually design your own little girl's Birthday dress or a Flower Girl dress for your wedding. All the Tippy Toes Boutique Custom Pettiskirts are gorgeous!

TTB Pettiskirts are Made in the USA . "I get upset when I buy something that I think is made in the USA and I find a tag that says made in china."-Alicia Thibodeau

What's the Pettiskirt News?: Tippy Toes Boutique offers exquisite Custom Pettiskirts and Ruffle Tops with unmatched quality and Delivery guarantee, along with a great Wholesale Pettiskirt Partnership and Pettiskirt Drop Ship Partnership.

Bottom line:

Whether your are a retail pettiskirt shopper or a children's boutique owner looking for a pettiskirt supplier, Tippy Toes Boutique Pettiskirts are the perfect choice!

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For more information:info@tippytoesboutique.com

Tuesday, September 1, 2009